Bible Study – Weekly

Bible Study – Weekly

Our Daily Bible Study is Open to Everyone, Please Join Us Each and Every Day for Our Daily Bible Study


Topic: Seven Reasons Not to Worry:

Refer to: Matthew 6:25; The same God who created Life in You can be trusted with the Details of Your Life.

Refer to: Matthew 6:26; Worrying about the Future hampers Your efforts for Today.

Refer to: Matthew 6:27; Worrying is more harmful than helpful.

Refer to: Matthew 6:28-30; God does Not Ignore those who Depend on Him.

Refer to: Matthew 6:32; Worry shows a Lack of Faith and Understanding of God.

Refer to: Matthew 6:33; There are real challenges God wants us to pursue, and worrying keeps us from them.

Refer to: Matthew  6:34 Living One Day at a Time keeps Us from being consumed with worry.


Topic: The Power of  Using  Jesus Name

John 15:7-8; But if You stay in Jesus and obey Jesus commands, You may Ask any request You like, and it will be Granted. My True Disciples produce Bountiful Harvests. This Bring Great Joy to My Father.

John 14:13-14; You can ask God for anything using my name(Jesus), and I will do it, For this will bring Praise to the Father, because of what I the Son will do for You, Yes, ask anything using my name(Jesus), and I will do it.

John 16:24; Ask using my name(Jesus), and You will receive, and Your cup of Joy will Overflow.

Group Activity: Please feel free to share with us, your Past and/or Present Experiences when You have used Jesus name in Prayer, and/or Your current experiences with using Jesus name in prayer.